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Custom Homes

Quality Craft Construction has a proven record of success in new construction, additions, remodels, historical restorations.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Having completed many, many kitchens in our day, we will be happy to lend our expertise to your kitchen design ideas and help you create a fantastic kitchen!

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Bathroom Remodeling

Designing your very own custom bathroom should be a smooth procedure for you. We specialize in all elements of custom bathroom layouts.

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Whether you’re looking to add one room or multiple spaces, we want to help. Our objective is to add the additional space you and your family could ever need.

About Us

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs by Range and Money Saving Tips

I’m sure you’ve seen different articles and blogs that estimate the remodeling costs of a kitchen and refer to words like low-range, mid-range, and upper-range. Today I’m going to go over the different […]

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Ideas for Fall Remodeling and Home Improvement

I can’t believe it’s August already, and fall is just around the corner. It seems like we’re just leaving a harsh winter behind, and it’s almost time for cooler weather already. Some home […]

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