Are the Two Busiest Rooms in Your House Keeping Up with Your Family’s Daily Demands?

file00078736304I think most homeowners agree that the busiest rooms in the house are the kitchen and bathroom(s). Are they keeping up with your family’s demands? As families grow and change, houses often have to adapt by way of a quick remodel in order to keep up with daily demands the family places on them. Here are some great ideas to help ensure that your house maintains its efficiency through the years.

Keep it Clean

The kitchen and bathroom collect a lot of dirt from busy feet and fingers. Keeping them clean requires more effort than other less-used rooms in the home. Make it convenient to keep these rooms clean by keeping cleaners close at hand. Some cleaners are available in very convenient pop-up containers so you simply grab a wipe, clean, toss.

Keep it Organized

Organization is the key to keeping your sanity, especially in busy households. Make sure everything has a place and everyone knows how to put it back in its place when they’re finished. Small appliances should be within reach but out of the way. Store canned goods together and boxed goods together. Break them down into categories so they’re more easily selected during meal times.

Keep the most often-used items such as extra toilet paper and paper towels within reach. Don’t purchase things in bulk unless you have room to store them in a separate area. Clutter is your worst enemy in busy rooms. Cut the clutter and you’ll start to see improvements in the efficiency of the room.

Select space-saving products such as clear plastic boxes to store similar items like pasta, rice, and baking goods. Storing this type of kitchen item in sealed boxes helps protect them against bugs and rodents while maintaining an organized appearance.

Remodel it as Needed

Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom doesn’t always mean an entire demolition and rebuild session is in order. Sometimes just removing some cabinets or adding a small closet or pantry works wonders. If you’re sure your kitchen or bathroom could be maximized with a remodel, give me a call and we’ll schedule a consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to explain why you feel that your kitchen or bathroom isn’t efficiently keeping up with your family, and we’ll talk about ways we could make it better.

Gather Ideas and Pictures

If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom or kitchen to maximize efficiency, collect ideas and pictures so we can discuss your options during our initial consultation. My goal is to create the space you need within budget and in a timely manner. I’m a homeowner as well, so I completely understand how inconvenient it can be to consider remodeling the two busiest rooms in the house. I will work to make the process as painless as possible while helping you choose the best materials along the way.

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